Sunday, July 06, 2008

Yesterday after we had finished cutting the hedge me and dad went down to the bike shop to get me a new bike.It's a big mountain bike that has suspension that you can adjust on the move It also has disk brakes and pedals that have brilliant grip.

Today it was soaking and I was a little dissapionted to find it was soaking, but a bit of rain didn't stop us.we went out in the rain and drove to Denny wood and went from there to brokenhust. At brokenhust there was a lot of puddles, but my Giant Bolder was very fast and managed to get through all of them and all the way back to the car.

When we got back we had a Italian meal including risotto balls, potato cake,tomato sauce and a lovely type of bread. Gran and Grandan were very kind and sent us a £5 pound note each and a bracelet for miranda.

today's post is by Lewis

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lewis , you could join Dylan and his friend Adam on their forthcoming charity bike ride ! They are in training . Sounds like you have a very smart new bike .
Miffi X