Sunday, November 29, 2015

And even more windy

Today was a bit different, we went to see an exhibition of pictures by one of Enid Blyton's many book illustrators. Her name was Mary Gernat-How and she lived with her family in Milford on Sea, and since we often read the books thought it would be fun. Meeting her son, who features in her illustrations was a little like mirror phasing, and the picture below is coincidentally is almost exactly where we took the photo above. Read this article for more info.

 Mary's sketch of husband Michael fishing with three of her boys


A good days training at Calshot started bright and early as the wind was forecast to build. What a great way  to start the day, although it was freezing and blowy sitting there drinking my hot chocolate ... having one of those "I can see clearly now the rain has gone ..." moments

By lunchtime the wind was screaming and the boys came off the water, "Did you see us we just covered three miles in about 5 minutes....!"

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The World of Work

Greg's first experience of the world of work, and what a day. He started out at Merchant Marketing Group as a Junior Designer and has worked on a top secret campaign, which they are pitching tomorrow... thanks to Paul and his team for a great day, and taking him out to lunch at a trendy burger joint (Seven Bone)

And as a bonus we happened to meet one of our sailing chums, who happens to be Mr Oyster Yachts, so we've had a guided tour of the factories and design studios. Not often you get the chance to see 6 eighty footers being built in the same space at the same time. If I was excited, I wonder what little Greg made of it all, school will be very boring tomorrow I think!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sail Training

 A good training session with Ben Batten as coach at Royal Lymington SC, and four other boats.  I was on rib crew duty picking up the boats and laying marks etc for the racing. So this meant I could take some photos too!

I have offered GRANDAN a ride with the boys ths week, and his interest level was high, so maybe we'll have to arrange this sometime!! He must be feeling better...

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Now I am Ten

Popsie with presents as she passes into the realm of double digits. Today she's been out to the cinema and the ice cream parlour with Alfie, her partner in crime.

Just eaten lasagne verde, and sent little Alfie back to base...

Wind today been ferocious, huge white horses on Southampton Water even.. 40kts+, so Greg and I went for a nice bike ride together, whilst Lewi took the camera and walked, taking photos for his Graphics AS.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Selfie du Jour

Lewi has been doing photography at College as part of his graphics studies, so off he went this afternoon to create some new images. I have been helping him edit a few this evening so I'm sharing something new!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

The wind in the willows.

We had a whole weekend planned; supposedly doing the Inland Championships at Grafham Water but the weather forecast has been bleak to say the least. Eventually it was cancelled on Thursday night, as people travel from Scotland and Ireland with a boat which means a whole day's travel in advance.

The boys still thought they wanted to go sailing at LTSC anyhow on Sunday morning but I had my doubts especially as I woke, and looked out the window. We went, and racing was cancelled there too, which really pleased me having dragged myself out of bed and down the road.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and since I had my kit already in/bike on the car though we'd go for a bike ride with Popsie instead. What a great ride we had, picnic in the forest etc. Lovely leaves tumbling everywhere and we chattered all the way round. Popsie is very excited as I have promised her a camping trip in the Spring on our bikes.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Cotton Tops is not well

She threw up violently on her passage to the bathroom late last night, a task I could have done without as bedtime approached for me. Fortunately I managed to clear up and rid us of the smell, but a veryn damp carpet remains.

Overnight we had a few more episodes so a little deprived of sleep this morning, and I had a busy day ahead.

Today she's been at home with me, but poor little Popsie has not been herself. We tried lunch of a few beans on toast, but that came back up. By suppertime slight improvement but sadly not better. Nothing really bad, no big temperature or anything, but certainly not well.

Let see what happens tonight...

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

And now for something a little different

I normally pop my arty stuff on Flickr, my family social stuff on, and my iPhonology stuff on Instagram. Oh yes, and I push any of the above towards Facebook..!

This is a double exposure of Miranda with grassy forms from a recent walk at Rans Wood, and it was intentional before you doubt my intents. She looks like this most mornings when she wakes and I cajole her into the bathroom for a wash!