Sunday, August 19, 2012


Had a great bike ride and picnic in the forest today. The ferns had grown up around our favourite climbing tree, and the smell was reminiscent of the woods near Grampy's house in Caxoxton. We could get used to not having Lewis around, two is very harmonious compared to three!

Our ride took in Dibden Inclosure, Beaulieu Heath, Tantany Wood, Pigbush, Rowbarrow, Frame Wood, Moonhill,  Ranswood, Hatchet Pond and East Boldre where we stopped at the Turfcutters Arms for a beer in the sunshine. The home run via Beufre and Beaulieu was all a bit of a blur what with the blistering sunshine (and the beer) and all the exertion...

We had a call from Terry who's looking after Lewis and Kyle down in Fowey at the moment, and were deleighted to hear that they were having a great time. Didn't get to speak with him, but Lewi apparently won the Saturday race so I bet he's feeling good.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Diamond Geezer

Spent the day at Blackwater in the forest with my old pal Kevin who has just turned 50... We talked cameras and cakes and played games in the sunshine. The surprise party was organised by Duncan and Julia who also dates back to my Farnham Art College days. Didn't get home til dark and the midges had started to bite, but a very enjoyable day it was.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

How now

I found this alternate take, processed very differently from the one I processed back in April when I took it.

The expression seems to convey a lot of Miranda's stubborn pride that can be very annoying on occasion. Don't get me wrong, she can be an absolutely delightful child on occasion too...

Lewis has been getting ready to sail with Terry and Kyle in Fowey. They have been loading the boats, checking the kit, packing bags and studying the tidal maps. No room for error this year! Last year they sailed together in the RSFeva, and this year they are competing against each other, both in Lasers...

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Miranda is fairly self contained, and you will often find her tucked up in a corner drawing or writing busily.

This is Cherio, the Teddy that Christabel and Elsbeth gave Gregory when he was small (and who often finds his way into bed with Mipp)

Tonight at dinner time, a tasty curry with homemade unleavened bread, Miranda asked if anyone wanted to give her some of their bread to mop her plate with. Greg duly obliged with his last piece, and Miranda promised him her big fluffy dog to sleep with....

Lewis has been playing with his model Wayfarer, and Caroline's been decanting some homebrew wine.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Miranda on the foreshore at Calshot, the sailing club in the background. On a summer's day it doesn't get much better than this. Had a good sail last night, two races with the spinnaker for the first time. Lewis was not too pleased with our performance as we made a few fluffs. All I would say was we were    F    L   Y    I      N     G along. The tide was racing and there was a strong on shore wind, so I have never had to hike out quite as far as yesterday.

Had a nice bike ride today, so many people out on bikes in the forest in their crisp lycra - wonder why? Back to normal next week I expect...

Friday, August 10, 2012

In tune

A Greg picture for a change...!

Didn't get in from the beach until past eleven tonight. The Friday club session at the sailing club for the kids went well with us all out on the water in four different boats. At one point Greg, Miranda, Caroline and I all helming our own boats, with Lewis laying back crewing for me. The weather has been superb with not a single cloud in the sky... so we went down to the Spinnaker Bar to have a few beers with the weekend campers at the club. Now it's bedtime.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The light of day

Who can remember the days when a roll of film came out the camera, only to reveal a few gems taken "last Christmas" - it was one of the joys and frustrations of the analogue days. Any how I downloaded some photos from one of my cameras and found some nice pictures from Chris Otto and Lola's visit last week and thought some should go up on the blog...

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Lewis had promised to go sailing with Jake from the club a few weeks ago, and today was the day they had a chance. Also down was Ricky and Liz, Jake's parents who also have a Feva.

By the time the boys had got the spinnaker out I was with Ricky for a blast in their Feva.

I don't often get a chance to use my telephoto lens as I am normally in and out the water and can't just leave my camera on the shore. The wind was OK  but nothing too exciting.

So chances are we have another Feva to compete against now!

Monday, August 06, 2012

First and Last

A much anticipated moment occurred today, when Miranda came home from her swimming session to tell me that her wobbly tooth had fallen out. Looking much like a white rice krispy with one hollow end, here is parcel that she has taken to bed in the hope that the tooth fairy will pay her a visit.

Picture below was taken as I wrestled her under the duvet, and she showed me one of her new smiles...

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Miranda Pendleton

Miranda wanted to go for a long bike ride this morning so we set off for a five miler in the forest. As we headed back home Lewis rang and said he was itching to leave for Calshot to go sailing, and when I told Miranda she said "Can we cycle down there Dad?"

So after a few moments of head scratching I agreed.

We cycled down - another 5 miles or so, and then had an afternoon of sailing.

As we set off to come home she was all for cycling home as well..... "Er, are you really sure Miranda?"

She was and we did!

Lewis riding this bike nearly six years ago

Friday, August 03, 2012

Where to watch the Olympic sailing from...

If you are one of the many visiting Weymouth for the Olympic Games Sailing, you'll be thinking where is the best place to watch from. You can watch on the big screens from the beach, you can pay good money to watch from the Nothe Park "stadium" or you can do as we (and a few other bright sparks) did and find your own viewpoint!!

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Weymouth 2012

Taken on the waterfront at Weymouth after watching the 49ers, the 470s and the RS-Xs racing from Sandsfoot Castle. We had an excellent view of the inshore courses, and could even see the Fins right out to sea (but only just with binoculars.

Afterwards we walked along the Rodwell Trail down to Portland and mixed with some of the athletes as they came out of the compound. Everyone enjoyed themselves and it was a job staying awake by the end of the day!