Thursday, October 29, 2015

Retracing footsteps

My brother Christian is to be thanked for arranging this trip down memory lane, which sits in the context of a different recent event.

My parents met at Swansea School of Art, but both were too shy to strike up. A night out was arranged to the cinema by their mutual friend Robert, who then stepped aside at the last minute, leaving the rest to history.

Chris managed to get this photograph outside their old haunt quite recently, so it has to go up on the blog!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kids on the beach at Weymouth

Whenever I get a chance to have all three in one frame at the same time , I jump. I have even stated tagging the #allthree so I stand a chance of finding them in years to come. What do you reckon on tagging the relevant files #awkwardsob or #smilewouldBnice

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hardy's Country

The boys have been racing at Weymouth this weekend, so it's been an action packed weekend again. Yesterday it was very windy, certainly pushing their upper limit, although them did almost have smiles when they came in.

I have been out on my bike, as this shot is designed to remind me. The legacy of the Olympic Games as Weymouth was host town for the sailing events, was a much improved road and cycle trail system. I had noticed various tracks suggesting there was a network, but not until this recent had I tried it out. This weekend I pushed the envelope to every corner and would like to give the planners a big pat on the back for building such a great resource for Weymouth. I have spoken to lots of locals and other bike riders on my travels, and everyone sings its praises. The trails are often completely separate from the roads, and well sign posted, although like all things added after the evnt need a bit of working out.

This was on my trail out of Weymouth past Upwey towards Dorchester which you can see in the background here. Dorchester is a great place with so much character. Some great food and drink places, for those with money in their pockets and time to burn! I had a tasty spot of lunch at Finca an independent coffee shop, before headed over to Poundbury to explore some photographic potential.

My trail took me past Hardy's Tower with its splendid views over towards the boys sailing on the sea, and back inland towards Dorset. A blast back along the ridge towards Upwey and back down to Portland just as the boys came off the water. Perfect, five hours in the saddle - sun sea sand...

After 4 Grand Prix Events the boys are sitting at 41st out of 89 boats, which is a good improvement on last year, with plenty of scope to improve in the year ahead.

Friday, October 23, 2015

One of many

When I'm taking photos I am either in the zone or not in it. What I mean is sometime I can't be bothered, but when it's working I'm like a prize fighter stabbing away. So when I come to cull the out-takes, sometimes I can't bear to loose one particular image although we all know too much crap become a mountain to steer around. So I processed this one and it's a keeper! Ain't she lovely

I'm listening to Fracture and Chimpo...

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Greg for a change

Greg's playing a great new song at the moment on his guitar, it's called Cancion. It's my favourite time I think when he's trying to get to grips with something new, and it all sounds a bit jagged, and you can tells he's trying to read the music. Usually it's only a few days before he's got the gist of it and then it sounds like a tune then, and although it's always enjoyable, it's not quite like those first few days of working at it afresh (for me anyhow)

Lewis has been home for the day as he's broken up for half term; didn't get out of bed until gone 9, and then work his PJ's all day. To be fair he did do some homework, and coursework, so no grumbles!! Lunch together peacefully was enjoyable too.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

On the mend, and round the bend.

My Mum and Dad earlier this evening, from a photograph taken by my brother Chris. My father has had a short visit to hospital, and tronight he's just back from his 100,000 mile service and cam belt change. At one point he had six doctors stood around him conferring before they signed him off. He says he was honoured to have such great personal attention during his visit, and is ready now for another burst of service.

Plans being made for some new activities, I was told when I spoke to them earlier.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Rugby Girl

Not content with merely being the team mascot, Miranda likes to be in amongst the action. We've had a fair bit of nationalistic banter in the house of late, and as you can see she's in the Welsh strip. Well who would support the English given a choice?

You'll notice she's wearing jodhpurs to mix and match, always ready for any opportunity!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Action Stations

Photo taken last weekend at Hayling during the Grand Prix. It was a lovely day and the wind was hovering around 10 knots, but as always at HISC the tide rips through. The boys had good fun especially on the Sunday, so we came back with a smile.

Very nice sunset on Sunday, and we had chips in the beach. This weekend Lewi has two days Team Racing near Oxford with Peter Symonds College. They are competing in the Eric Twinane Team Racing Cup against the likes of Winchester College and Sevenoaks School in the Firefly. Is he ready for a boat with so little power I ask myself!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Quilter Extraordinaire

Not sure of the photographer, but clearly not myself! This is another fragment of my Mum's eightieth birthday party, and the moment my mother opened the beautiful quilt made by Joanna. All around the perimeter is embroidered the names and dates of birth of us all, and our respective children. Must have taken a few hours to make this, a real labour of love.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Two days racing at Hayling Island SC, nine races in total. The weather has been great and when topped off with a sunset and chips on the beach like this, life doesn't get any better. I have been riding my bike, and Lewis has been doing his homework in and around the sailing; we're getting the hang of this!

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Clan Gathering

My Mum's surprise birthday party on the weekend, masterminded by my sister Joanna, was a big success. The sun shone and the sandwiches and cakes and tea (and fizz obviously) kept coming!