Sunday, July 20, 2008

Westerly ho!

We been having fun at Calshot again today in the kayaks, it's been a glorious day, and the sea wasn't too choppy. Which was ideal, as it's been the first chance I've had to use an underwater camera to take some pictures from the boat.

It's rather tricky composing when the sun is bright, and the boat is lolling around and you need to keep a hold of the paddle! There are a few other technical issues, such as the salt water drying rapidly in the sunshine, but this all adds to the fun.

Today it was fairly busy in the water, as we had to share the sea not only with windsurfers and dinghy racers, but also a mass sea swim - the sight of a hundred or so bodies thrashing towards you is quite something.

I've been lucky enough to have a loan of a camera from my photo chum Chris Hawkins, who any day now is going to be joining us for a kayaking session...

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Anonymous said...

Looks great, glad your getting out with it :-) Interesting about the salt drying on the housing, hadn't think of that!

Looked lovely out there, very jealous and land-locked up here!