Saturday, July 05, 2008

Cagey tigers

Lewis and I had our bike ride down to Calshot this morning in fantastic sunshine with bick black stormy clouds overhead. The colours were extraordinary, as the green algae along the shore glows with radioactive luminosity. The waves were hammering onto the beach at Calshot, and even the Calshot 'cats' race was cancelled, so when I asked Lewis if he fancied a paddle after lunch, he turned to me looking a bit sheepish, and said he didn't think so...!

So we decided to cut the hedge along Frost Lane, and afterwards took a trip into the village to pick up his new bike, which we've been promising a while - the old one being far too small for a lad of his size.

You should have seen Greg's face when he saw it. Daddy will that be my bike one day...? Yes Greg, it will ..... What even the disk brakes?.... Yes Greg, even the disk brakes .......Wow!

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