Friday, November 25, 2016

Sun Ra Interview (Helsinki, 1971)

Another amusing posting for y Mum mainly. We saw Sun Ra and Arkestra quite a few years ago, sometime in the late 80's. An unforgetable experience which this will bring back.

I was amazed to discover that the remains of Arkestra will be playing on Sunday, 27 Nov 2016 at Belgrave Music Hall in Leeds... just a few days after I randomly pulled this up.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Blaen Bowi

I have to include this lovely photo by my brother Chris, of my parents alongside one of my Dad's paintings. It's a view of the farm where we first really called home, and a time of much happiness in our family life. We lived in a small cottage on the farm and my Dad painted a lot at the time, having successfully landed the job at Carmarthen School of Art that lasted him a lifetime.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Recovering nicely

Having been laid low for ten days or so recoving from an op, it was nice to be chauffered to the Jazz Club to drink some tasty beer from The Red Cat Brewery, thanks to Fordy. Music courtesy of Will Gibson and his 7 piece ensemble which I thought was first class group.

Will Gibson - tenor/soprano sax, bass clarinet
Sam Leak - piano, Roland kb
Leo Appleyard - electric guitars
Kevin Glasgow - electric bass
Chris Nickolls - drums
Paul Jordanous - trumpet
Tom White - trombone

The only weakness for me was trying to follow the notation too closely, a bit more improvisation would have suited me, but clearly they are all hugely taleted guys. Sam Leak I really thought was good and Tom White on trombone too. Kevin Glasgow I saw playing here some months ago with a trio called Preston Glasgow Lowe. Sam played here earlier in the year with Duncan Eagles.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


A short bike ride in the autumn sunshine, clear blue skies and a gentle breeze blowing the last of the leaves around. All is well in the world, but sadly no photo. Why am I smiling?

Monday, November 14, 2016


A little reminder that I am having to take care when moving around! No gardening, no lifting, just light duties!! As if...


Had a fun session with my Mum and Dad yesterday via Facetime. We started with the Telephone, jabbering as we do about stuff like Leonard Cohen, so after a while we agreed that she might like to watch some of clips I had found for her "on the internet"

She agreed that she'd try and Facetime me, which translated into me Facetiming her.... and she answered the call!

Before long we had a flow going and she had managed to watch clips on Youtube by Cohen (his last interview) and Sonny Rollins, who at 86 is still firing the trail. All good fun.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

The old Yamaha!

It's been so much fun sharing stuff with my Mum that I have progressed to selecting a few bits I know they would love to see. 

When I was young we had a Spanish guitar, but sadly we never got as far as the guitar lessons! Anyhow in due course Lewis learned to play and Gran and Grandad gave us the guitar and now Greg also plays the guitar.

Here he is practicing, and shortly my parents might share the experience and the joys of homegrown music...

Sonny Rollins - Jazz à Vienne 2011 - LIVE HD

Today's posting on is musical inspiration for the Penyrallt Browns. I am trying to teach my Mum to watch stuff on Youtube that I know she will like.

Jazz is just one of the things that I gained from my parents, and we all saw Sonny Rollins play at Brecon Jazz Festival some years ago. (c1989?) This clip is the final 20 mins of a concert in Vienna from 2011, and he's still kicking ass. Sonny Rollins is the Saxophone Collosus, and he's four years older than my Dad. Never stop blowing your horn man!!

So sad to think that Bob Cranshaw who is the bass player on this clip died last week.

LEONARD COHEN - The Last Interview (September 2016)

Leonard's last interview with David Remnick, posted for my Mum and dad

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Popsie reading

Well she's just reading me what she has written to Gran, and doesn't she lookgrown up these days! Big and yet small...

This was half an hour before Auntie Miffi came to visit with Uncle Tony.

Sweet Potato and Cavalo Nero Soup

One of my tasty soups that Popsie and I, made with scones for lunch on her inset day.


Putting the boat away after another session on the water

Daughters and Fathers

Self portrait posted by progeny.  Less pleased to discover that sh'e been doing this anonomously, but I am pleased at least that she isn't pouting!

Leonard Cohen - Suzanne

Growing up we were surrounded by many culturally relevant things - art, writing, music and many interesting people with their ideosynchratric behaviours.

One of my Mum's favourite musical influences died this week, Leonard Cohen. This piece is beautiful.