Saturday, May 31, 2014

Maiden Voyage - Parousia starts over!

About six months ago when Lewi launched his madcap idea of restoring a classic boat, we didn't think it was a very practical idea. Wooden boats need lots of maintenance and practical knowledge... Well the boat maintenance has been practiced and the practical knowledge has been garnered, and today was the day we got Parousia on the water. I'm sure she's had a few owners down the years, but all would have been pleased to see the boys sailing her today, and they are delighted with the performance. Six boats on the water racing and they finished third in both races, spinnaker blazing!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

After nearly nine hours on the water, the boys look pretty exhausted as they come in, but do they want to do it all again tomorrow... ? Stupid question! The stormy conditions came in too late to save the day.

The wind has been very poor, which makes for less challenging conditions, so the boys can't get in the zone. In strong winds the heavy guys get advantage, but mass moves slower in light wind...

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Day One and the good news is the boys have qualified for the Gold Fleet, the not so good news is the jibsheet is damaged after qualifying and tomorrow looks like light wind... What are we going to do?

Moatt Sails have come to the rescue - It is Sunday, the night before Bank Holiday Monday and we have a knight in Shining armour, a sailmaker prepared to do repairs at first light, and keep the boys hopes alive...

What a great service from Steve Moatt at Moatt Sails in Weymouth - We can't thank these guys enough for helping us.

Campsite Weymouth

We are staying at Sea Barn Farm in Checkerell near Weymouth; the sun it shine, but the wind does not blow.....XXXXX????XXXXX


It makes our sailing club look rather modest, when you can launch 150 boats all together but this isn't just any sailing club - it's the Weymouth and National Portland Sailing Academy! Lewis and Greg have been determined to sail here since we watched the London 2012 Olympic events here a few years ago. Now it's their turn competing in the Feva National Championship 2014

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oh Sheet!

Rather a lot of pieces of string (sorry sheets) appearing on Parousia, it's becoming a little bewildering! I can cope just about with main sheet, jib sheet and kite but this is getting very confusing. OK they are all different colours which is helpful, it's just that I haven't got a clue which one to pull and when!

If we could find a spare weekend we are getting close to sailing this baby...

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Parousia takes shape

Lewi's Scorpion is begining to look like a boat almost ready to sail. The blocks and rigging are going on, the mast is up (now) and the sails have been raised. If only Tiger had time to spare!

He completed another Biology GCSE exam today, and  finished his GCSE Ethics yesterday. Things are still full on for the rest of the week as he just has the remainder of his Mocks to complete. Then maybe a sail..!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

C'mon Daddy let's go!

Popsie has been angling for a Donkey ride several times over the last few weeks, but today was her lucky day. My phone rang just as we were approaching the stable and I needed to take the call. Twenty minutes later she had played with the lambs and was getting impatient - not that this photo reveals it.

The day began with the sound of Greg and Miranda playing the guitar together  - he's been very patient and we're hoping the Happy Birthday music progresses to plan.

This afternoon the three of us have been out on our bikes in the forest. As always a bit of a struggle getting Greg out doors but once he's out he has a grin from ear to ear. Stubborn, awkward, one day he'll learn.

Below is a picture of Popsie from this morning as we went through Butts Ash woods...

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Killing time

Lewi had an important date, and Popsie and I were on chauffering duty and thought we'd put the time to good use! We had a walk in Longdown Woods and along the way I took this portrait. We had a great time as Popsie was also taking photos.

She photographed all sort of things very studiously, stopping to ask my opinion on the composition; every now and again she would give me her camera and then hop onto an imaginary horse before galloping off and jumping a few logs. Madcap but oh so sensible.

Thursday, May 08, 2014


His new restaurant features an old record player, and the idea is you take your (precious) old vinyl with you when you eat at Barnyard and trust his crappy stylus not to wreck your rare grooves. Would you really? So for my part I shall stick with a retro look for the POTD. How this pic ever managed to be saved I do not know...

Just because I can

Time was when we tried hard to remove any technical imperfection from an image, that was how we separated the men from the boys - six hours in a darkroom after an hour or two trying to get a composition. Nowadays we spend five minutes shooting 100 frames and process the life out the best frame or two, and never look at the rest. This was an out take, given the once over in Lightroom by yours truly...

Compare with March 3rd.

Alt Control SAVE

I used a similar photo from this sequence before, but this one I also like  and have processed it differently. Sometimes it's hard deleting things that you will never use, even though you know they are just hard disk fillers...

Rans Wood

Stompy at Rans Wood whilst I go about my business of being arty. She was going about hers too and didn't spot me takinga photo of her, which I have rendered in a slightly beat up fashion, shadows mullahed..

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The iGot the iPhone blues

She's even made a flip cover for her iPhone and peppers her conversation with remarks not directed towards anyone in particular, such as...

"Has anyone seen my keys and phone"

"Send me a text and I'll let you know..."

"I just dropped my phone and I've cracked the screen..."

The conversations get quite wild, and are much more interesting than you would imagine. If only I could manage to record a few of them I would be made up. This was bedtime as she "....just checked her email before going to bed"

She's as mad as a whole box of frogs...

Life down on the farm

Footy time

We used to play football pretty much every lunchtime before Greg started going to school, then one day it stopped. We do still kick the ball of an evening, but I don't think I have taken a photo of it in a little while.

And he's in secondary school now, ....look you!

Home from School

The first thing Lewi always asks me when he gets home from school, after checking if I have had a good day, is "Would you like a cup of Tea Dad?"

Today I was sitting on the Pergola already sipping my brew, as it was a fab afternoon and I needed to take on some rays.

Work, work, busy, busy!

Lewis is busy revising for exams and so for the for the next two weeks has little time to sail... I managed to catch him deep in thought, and am posting this to remind us all what he's capable of!!