Sunday, July 13, 2008


I was going to load the lower picture at first, because we've not had an arty picture for a while; but then I decided to match these two frames as they are almost perfectly registered!

Today we've been out on our bikes in the forest, having had a nice ride from Bolderwood, through Slufters Enclosure across Ocknell Plain where we raced against the Forest Strongman Triathletes. We had a nice lunch at the Royal Oak in Fritham which was marred by a group of 'yuppie scum' ill capable of disciplining their children, and too busy to recognise the irritation of everyone sitting adjacent.

We came back across Fritham Plain, through Slodden and Broomy Inclosures, back to Bolderwood

Highlight of the afternoon was a stop off at the Reptilery where we saw Natterjack and Common Toads, Sand Lizards, Grass Snakes, Slow worms and Adders (and baby adders) and the like... We also watched a Hobby on its nest with three eggs almost ready to hatch, one of about eight pairs in the New Forest.

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