Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rock on Tommy!

The day ends as the day began. Sun shining, wind blowing, and the kids in frisky mood. Just got Lewis off to bed after posting his blog entry and I'm thinking it won't be too long before I head up the stairs after him...

We've had a nice afternoon at Calshot paddling around. Highlight of the afternoon for Greg was the desert island experience of finding 'barnacle reef' out towards Bramble Bank. That's what Greg called it anyway! The sea at Calshot can seem very murky, but today the water was very clear, and when we landed on the island out in the Solent, the colours of the stones colonised by baby barnacles and sea shells were fantastic. As chance would have it I didn't take the underwater camera, thinking that two kids would be enough to worry about. The electric green and yellow stones and the sealife hanging from it made Greg very excited.

Makes you wonder why you'd want to go anywhere on holiday when you live here?

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