Friday, October 03, 2008

Mission Impossible

When I got in tonight the chessboard was ready in front of the fire, and Lewis was ready to do battle - I was somewhat less so! However it's nice to be spurred into action, even if sometimes all I fancy is a glass of wine and a sit down....

Supper was accompanied by a series of tunes, all of which now have a slight influence from Sungha Jung, as Lewis is impressed by his slightly showy guitar playing style. It's great to see him developing his own sense of determintion, even if it's not always the direction you want him to concentrate on.

The Chess was good, but we need to do it more to develop his killer instinct.... then he can practice on Mum!

Today the weather has been very chilly, but still fairly sunny, I have just looked at the weather for the weekend (which is unusual for me) and it's saying we should get 70mm of rainfall in the west of Hampshire over the weekend. I guess it's going to be wet then....!

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Keep it up Lewis! Love from Gran