Saturday, October 11, 2008

Beaulieuful Day

Lewis and I had our bike ride this morning out over the forest, but as it was blissfully quiet and sunny we headed off down the Beaulieu River. The tide was up and the water as smooth as a mill pond, so there was bird life all around us. I could have stayed there all day, and probably would have if we'd brought the kayaks with us!

After heading down through St Leonards and Sowley we stopped for a while where Tanners Lane meets the Solent. The light was fantastic, and the sea equally tempting!

This afternoon we've been back out on the bikes again, racing around the woods and swwinging on the Tarzan rope - which would have been the photo, if only I'd had my camera....

Tonight I'm listening to Seasick Steve - check him out! Y' all! And quite by chance I've also watched a great little programme called A Village called Caio - click on the link to be transported back to the sixties when I lived at a place called Blaen Bowy (Bowy Villa) not too far from here.

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