Saturday, October 04, 2008

Clippedy clop

There was beautiful sunshine this morning when got up, so as Mummy was feeling poorly we decided to get out and walk Domino the donkey. There was an icy wind it has to be said, but by the time we'd walked for ten minutes it turned to heavy rain. This morning Lewis walked Daisy the goat on a lead, whilst I took Mipp Mop on Domino.

We don't half get some funny looks and comments from people as we walk along! Even more surreal this morning the army cadets were doing manoeuvers in the woods, so we kept bumping into packs of young lads (and ladesses) in camo stalking around with wooden sub-machine guns. Secretly I pretended to be a member of the Taliban with my mule, but no-one twigged!

When we got back Lewis and I made soup and cheese scones, and for supper we made lasagne and jacket potatoes, followed by Apple turnovers which Mummy managed to strain herself out of bed for....

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Anonymous said...

It looks from this pic as if Lewis is half boy and half donkey , thought it was your dad that was a sagittarius !