Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hit the trail

As Gregory had a birthday party this afternoon, we decided to squeeze in a bike ride first. And as we've heard a lot about the Castleman's trail we thought we'd see how far we could get before we ran out of time...!

The track was great leading out of Ringwood, and very clearly signposted (which was handy as my maps of the area were not comprehensive) and we had a variety of excursions into the woods and countryside along the way. Our trail came to an end somewhere near Wimborne where the signs stopped abruptly, and a very busy road looked like the only option. Anyhow it was time to return, so we had to call it a day. Next time we will have the proper map, and a whole day to conquer this trail which leads down to the sea at Hamworthy.

Highlight of the day for Lewis and Greg was a killer skateboard and BMX park that we found along the way, but for me I think it was cycling over the top of the A31 and seeing all the stationary traffic stuck in their jamjars - bring on the age of enlightenment!

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