Saturday, October 18, 2008

Glazed expression

There was a very cold nip in the air this morning as we set off across the forest for a bike ride - it was sunny but there was a strong hint of winter. Lewis pushed hard most of the morning, especially so when he spotted a tractor steaming along behind us .... "Come on Dad we don't want to be overtaken by a tractor!"

We did a fair old distance taking in several circuits of our BMX track through the woods at Hardley and across towards Dibden Enclosure, before spending a while on the downhill yumps at Kings Hat, perfecting our jumping technique. Lewis wanted to stay there all day he enjoyed himself so much. Afterwards we hit the trail going through Pig Bush and Rowbarrow through Denny Wood Enclosure to Brockenhust. We then went North to Bank and came back through Pondhead to Denny Wood. It was past lunchtime by the time we got home!

This afternoon we've been down to the Marina where the kids played hide and seek in the bushes by the 'lighthouse'

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