Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tour de Hythe

My bike was in desperate need of a service, so I got stuck in this morning... and when you've got into the rhythm well you just have to keep on going. I had already repaired a puncture on Mirarda's bike when it dawned on me that we really needed to get her onto the next sized bike (which fortunately we already had in the shed) although it needed some work to make it road worthy.

She spotted me through the window and kept shouting her praise for me, which makes a nice change. So this afternoon we've taken the new bike for a ride. She's now blazingly fast, which is a bit of a worry, but she's also fairly adept with the use of the brakes too. All good fun.

This evening I have been transfixed by watching the twitter trending stream for #gaddafi as the dictatorship appears to unravel. Haven't bothered to listen to the news, but the BBC news site is miles behind. Will be interesting to see what's actually broadcast tomorrow. Certainly riveting to surf the speculation, and I'm sure it's close the the fact...

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