Saturday, February 12, 2011

Holding all the Aces

It's not easy being banker, and trying not to be beaten by Gregory whilst also managing to take a few photos for the blog.

He's starting to understand that bluffing works too, and taking advantage of the opposition when their defences are weak is also fair game. I was surprised to discover this when I played him in draughts the other day, and he beat me. I wasn't quite such a pushover the next game!

It's been a fantastic day here today, had a great bike ride with Lewis through Frame Wood and over to Brockenhurst, coming back through Roydon Wood. Lewis was exhausted again by the time we got back even though it was his idea to take this route

Also had a nice pootle with Miranda and Greg after lunch down to the Marina, they played happily in the sunshine whilst I watched the boats go by...

I'm listening to Lars Danielsson Pasodoble

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