Sunday, February 13, 2011


Yesterday down at the Marina - and what a contrast to today. It has rained all day and there's standing water everywhere. The roads were flooded coming back from the Art Gallery in Southampton.

I was keen to get back to see the St Ives collection on show from the David Brown bequest. There's 15 Roger Hilton pieces up at the moment, as well as some Patrick Heron, Terry Frost, Ben Nicholson, William Scott and one of my old faves a Wilhelmina Barns-Graham still life. I was rewarded with a free concert by Doug Gould as the perfect backdrop ,to an afternoon looking at art. He played all sorts of music including a very complex Scriabin piece in 9/5 time, and an improvisation based on Jarrett's improvisation of "I love you Porgy"

Jarrett plays Porgy

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