Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Dad

I took a picture of Daddy in the afternoon, he was reading a book of poems. My favourite one was Cousin Reggie - it's the one about the boy who liked surfing down escalators in department stores. My Dad's going to laugh any minute now!

My Cousin Reggie - Roger McGough

My cousin Reggie
Who adores the sea
Lives in the Midlands

He surfs down escalators
And swims in the gutter
I think our Reggies
A bit of a nutter

My Dad has been going around all afternoon saying   "....did you know Ella McStumping has given up jumping...."

Ella McStumping
Was fond of jumping
From tables and chairs,
Bookshelves and stairs
She would jump to the floor
Then climb back for more.
At the age of three
She climbed a high tree
And with one mighty cry
She leapt for the sky.
Doctor McSpetter
Says she'll get better
and the hospital say
She can come home next May
And Ella McStumping
Has given up jumping.

Ella McStumping by  Michael Dugan

Blog post and photograph today by Miranda.

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