Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Action Girl

The boys were both busy doing things after tea so I sat down with Mippy and we had a look at the blog. This is often an entertaining way of reflecting on our lives together as a family, and also a valuable way of digesting what they think is interesting or a fun activity.

When I asked her which photo I should put on the blog, she discounted a nice Greg photo I had ready to use, and another than she had taken yesterday of me and Greg cuddled up together; I offered her one of Lewis, but it was clear she wanted (another) one of herself. The one she chose was her with Actionman, a plastic toy that I had found on the beach a few days ago...

And talking of little men, you really should read the Michel Petrucciani article in the Guardian by Michael Radford if you get a chance... talk about not letting disability get in your way to the top.

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