Saturday, March 26, 2011

Downhill too rapidly

It's been a gorgeous day here, warm sunshine and blue skies as we rode our bikes in the forest this morning. Lewis had a bit of an accident and has been nursing a badly gashed leg, even having to go to bed for a lay down after lunch. He's Ok though I think, mainly shocked by his lack of immortality.

Miranda has been quite mad all afternoon, asking to go kayaking at about 5pm when a sea fog had come in and it was getting rather cold. I'd said no several times but she was quite insistent  - it was still no though! Her reading is really coming along - she got 9 new books from the library this morning, and could read much of the first few from first glance. She gets tired after about three books and wants to be read to then...

Greg has spent all afternoon curled up with a book called Halo (by Zizou Corder) about a Greek girl who signed up as a soldier for a more exciting life. He'd finished all 350 pages by the time it was bedtime!

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