Thursday, March 03, 2011


Sometimes it's difficult to know whether she is the young and very naive little girl, or the plucky very self confident and downright cheeky little so and so, that she can also be.

Of course there are many other moods of Miranda, but it's job sometimes knowing who you are dealing with.

She was round at Audrey's this evening, and I went to get her at 6 for bath time. She was supposed to have read her books to Audrey, but had refused apparently - so I asked her to do it before we left. She refused, so I offered her a ... good smacking. A stormy look preceded the most delightful reading. The empire strikes...

Lewis had a good parents evening, by all accounts from Caroline. He has a clear set of objectives to work on, and some good progress in the bag. Nice one Tiger...

I'm listening to Andrew Hill's Time Lines - the last recording I think he issued with Greg Tardy on Clarinet and saxes, Charles Tolliver on Trumpet, Eric McPherson on Drums and John Herbert on bass. It's as good as his best music from the sixties - very enjoyable.

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