Sunday, September 07, 2008

Play it again Sam!

I was just looking for a photo to describe the day, when in wafted Lewis playing his guitar. So I'm being serenaded with Roadrunner as I think of something to say!

Today we've walked Domino the Donkey and had a jolly fun bike ride out on the forest with the boys. We have found a few interesting circuits that they love doing which are infinitely more satisfying than a BMX track. Greg came back looking like a mud monster, I wanted to take a photo of him but Mum had stripped him of his griminess by the time I could blink...

We've been listening to a South Korean guitar player today called Sungha Jung who's been inspiring Lewis to practice a bit longer - Sungha does three hours a day, and is pretty good! Check out his rendition of Mission Impossible

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