Thursday, January 05, 2017

Chuff Chuff

My father Julian Brown, holding a brass model of a Peckitt tank engine, a pastime he followed in the seventies. At the time he used to have a model railway in the bedroom, and spent some of his spare time making brass models.

I'd got the trains out so that he could talk to Gregory about them when we were down. Spottong an opportunity to take some hands on photos, I quickly dusted them down with a paintbrush and got him holding them. With usual synchronicity visitors turned up, and my conversation was diverted, although I managed to get some photos. However the camera never lies, and the 'man clean' is exposed for what it is, just as far as I could see!

There's a few photos on the blog of us visiting old steam trains and here

I must try and find a photo of Dad driving a steam train, I know I have one somewhere!

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