Sunday, December 28, 2014


The gap in between Christmas and New Year usually presents us with the time to visit the museums and bright lights of London. This year's action packed day started with the Science Museum, but not before we'd had breakfast at Comptoir Libanais. Tasty flatbread with grilled haloumi and spices and nut pasties being the favourites.

I am always amazed by the fact that no matter how many times I visit the same space, it's always possible to discover new facts, seemingly for the first time! There was a great exhibition of photographs by Nick Hedges  about homelessness, proper documentary photographs. We spent the whole day at the Science Museum before heading across Hyde Park for a tour of the lights along Oxford Street, Regent Street and Covent Garden.

Late afternoon we paid a visit to Spuntino to give cousin Frank a surprise in Soho, which the kids thought was great fun. Popcorn and beer...

All followed by supper when we got back to South Kensington at Franco Manca, which was first class....

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