Friday, September 06, 2013

Old dogs, new tricks!

This little snapshot captures a moment from a few weeks ago when oneday, hard at work I noticed a small dialogue box telling me that Julian and Gillian Brown had just logged onto Skype. Now this is not an everyday occurrence, so I immediately hit the connect button, thinking that they would fail to pick up (as per normal)

Well even more surprisingly it was Chris who answered and the mystery was solved. We had a good laugh and prove for once and all that Skype works perfectly well, but the fogeys cant get the hang of a telephone with a dialogue box!!

I had the foresight to do a screen grab, as I am trying to gather as many of these records as I can, and I am going to share it with you all.

I am listening to The Bad Plus - Suspicious Activity. There's a live version here "Lost of Love"

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