Saturday, August 03, 2013


The boys were invited to join me and Ian on a short trip down to Emsworth, Greg's first time out on the Beneteau. It was a gentle sail down in the sunshine in fairly quiet conditions but we managed to sail all the way there even up the river to the mooring.

After a visit to the sailing club where there are lots of dinghy sailors, and even a few world class feva crews, and a few hours in Emsworth we were just about to return in the dinghy when a few arcs of lightning lit up the sky. This was followed by the most ferocious storm I think I have witnessed, thunder, lightening, rain in every direction and hailstones with deluges of flood water...

Then after about half an hour we plucked up courage to find our way back to the mooring which all looked very different at high water and in almost complete darkness.

Greg said his highlight was jumping off the back of the boat, so here's a reminder for him.

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