Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to You!

Greg had his birthday treat today with his friend Kate and the clan. They went over to Southampton to see a film about a noodle munching Kung Fu Panda.... Afterwards they had picnic at Mayflower Park and then shared his birthday cake.

Greg's been telling everyone he's met that it's his birthday, including the man on the Hythe Ferry.... So I'm sure you all want to wish him a ...... "H..a..p..p..y B..i..r..t..h..d..a..y to G..r..e..g..o..r..y!!!"

But now it's time for bed and Lewis is going to play him a beautiful rendition on the guitar


James Riley said...

Beth, Eleanor and Rachel would like to say Happy Birthday to Gregory. Hope you had a lovely day - your cake looks yummy.

and unless we are mistaken its another special day today??!! Happy birthday Caroline.

James Riley said...

P.S....wrote last comment on 31st Aug!!!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday Greg I did ring earlier Glad you had a good day Fancy your six now lots of love Gran and Grandan xxxxxxxx