Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Old Folk's Home

Took this one last weekend, and it's a familiar view of my childhood. Long before the TV arrived at my parents house, taking an interest in stuff in the newspaper was a fairly common activity. The real reason I took this photo is my parents settee is going to the big scrapheap, as it's too difficult to get out of for the horizontally challenged. It's a real shame as it's going to change the landscape at home.

Anyhow I like the vibe here, which I've tried  to keep as naturalistic as possible; the Arne Jacobsen Egg chair, assorted general clutter, and the cat looking out of the window!

The stories that settee could tell...

Great gig at the Shooting Star in the evening, the last in the SMJC series which is a shame as I like that venue. Leo Appleyard on guitar, Matt Findlay on bass, Duncan Eagles on tenor. Didn't catch the drummers name but he was great too. I especially love acoustic live music, with the sound of beer drinkers permeating through, the occasional chink of bottles. Top stuff... new season is at the Talking Heads, and the gigs are definitely worth supporting...#jazz

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