Thursday, May 05, 2016


Today has been a lovely day - superb weather; gloriously hot and a day spent with Popsie as she had an inset day. It was a bit of a rubbish start as Lewis had managed to loose his wallet with bank card, buss pass and all the work on his college memory stick... but things improved from the point of dropping him off in Southampton to speed his journey to PSC.

Our day involved cycling from Tuckton; first stop Hengistbury Head. We had the place almost to ourselves, sunshine and a gentle breeze. We did our education bit at the Iron Age discovery centre and had a walk around the wildlife garden.

Lots of cycling has been done, as we made it down to Poole stopping for a swim along the way at Sandbanks. Lunch on the beach was delicious.

The photo below which I found on the side of a van, shows the route we have taken. Very impressive pic, and it was so enjoyable.

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