Monday, May 02, 2016

Cooking the books

My brother Christian is often responsible for digging out interesting memories, and this photograph combines two things.

The first is my Mum's old staple cookbook by Bee Nilson, which he wanted to photograph to show an aspect of personal history that we all have shared over many years. Indeed I have a Bee Nilson Cookery Book myself that she gave me when I went off to Art College in 1982.

I'm guessing the THF payslip must have been used as a bookmark, and it tells an interesting story. The hotel in Carmarthen was called The Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, and in 1979 by Week 33 I had earned £580 from my part time job when still at school. Running this through an online converter it equates with about £5000 in current money.

Interesting that he should choose the meat pages, as I was still a carnivore at that point. 1983 and it all changed!

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