Sunday, February 05, 2012

Giddy Up!

Now here is an almost perfect match. I'm not sure who is the most stubborn, but Domino would certainly give Miranda a run for her money. Both likeable rogues to be with on a good day, not ideal company when they are moody...

My plan was to get a photo of them both on Shore Road, but juicy grass and looking at the camera doesn't come easy to Dom. He's supposed to be on a diet!

Miranda by contrast is beaming, so I guess that's all we need to say.

Today we've all been for a nice walk through the salt lagoons from the Chequers in Lymington down to Keyhaven and back. They were teeming with bird life; lots of Eider, Widgeon, Shovelor, Scaup, Pochard, Merganser, Heron, Egret, Shelduck, Coot etc

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