Saturday, January 14, 2012

Piggy Wiggie

We took Domino the Donkey out for a walk this afternoon, he was in fine fettle allowing us to take hima good distance up into the woods above the house and around the estate where Miranda knows lots of people. Needless to say she enjoyed the experience. When we got back it was more or less time to put all the animals to bed so we helped round up the menagerie, feed them and put them top bed. I almost managed to get a shot of her hugging Maggie and Mikey, one arm around each; but it was too much excitement to be a success! Domino looking sheepishly on...

Lewis spent then day today in London with Terry and Kyle at the Boat Show - apparently he's been telling them (the yacht and dinghy salesmen) that we're in the market for a boat..! So we have enough brochures to start the research.

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