Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Robert John Thomas

I have my brother Chris to thank for finding and scanning this image of my grandfather. I guess I'll add some more info to this photograph as and when others get a chance to comment on it's provenance.

It shows Grampy a happy man, dressed in his finest. It wasn't often you saw him in public without a tie on, but I suspect that sitting on a deck chair by the beach probably was the right time for him. Who knows that grin may have been inspired by the thought of being slightly anarchic...?

He would have been 109 the day before yesterday...

The recording below was made the last time I saw him in c1995.

If any family members would like to send me a memory of Grampy I will add it to this post.

  Grampy talking about TV and electric razors by jonathanseymourbrown

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