Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wonderful tonight

Last weekend Lewis put Clapton's 'Slowhand' on the CD player when we were eating, so I chided him for not playing Clapton's music much any more. So this week we have had all my old faves with increasing confidence. Lay down Sally, Wonderful tonight and of course Cocaine... He can really put his heart into it when he tries, and knows how to bend a string.

We've been at the sailing club today, Lewis took out a Pico single handed in quite strong winds. Greg had planned to go with him, but strong winds had taken it's toll before they even crossed the starting line for the races, and Lewis proceeded alone with both main and jib. Watched him briefly battling with the winds before taking Miranda out in the kayak. We tried using two paddles but it was a bit tricky and I wasn't keen on capsizing today. My usual method is to give her the paddle periodically whilst I just sit behind her, taking in the ride. She's making good progress but today was very tidal and a bit cold and windy at times.

Excellent bike ride alone first thing, autumn colours are pushing through nicely in the forest.

I'm listening to Coeur de Pirate - Le long du Pirate via Bandcamp - It has a very easy to use audio player and it's a great way to access new emerging musicians (and download/buy their music)

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