Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rough and Tumble

As Lewis was working on his Maths revision at home this morning with Mum, Greg and Miranda got the chance to have another bike ride! Greg had his first ride on a big boy's bike (ie Lewis'), as his is getting too small for him.

We went from Denny Wood and this photo is part way round at Standing Hat near Brockenhurst. They always love playing in the trees here. They were both on good riding form today, and it's clear that Greg needs a new bike. At one point they were up ahead of me, and then Greg took off at high speed downhill, Miranda in hot persuit. The sound of them bellowing, and the sight of Miranda weaving from side to side as she precariously followed him was not too enjoyable, but I raced after them certain that I'd be picking her up off the floor any minute....

It was not be, she survived intact! But five minutes later she did come off doing about a quarter of the speed of earlier and this is result - I should have taken the picture when the blood was running down her leg ("You'll never make a war photographer Dad")

This is Miranda reading for me at bedtime - it's Tilly and Todd's tale about Nits

  Miranda tilly+todd by jon-14

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