Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hythe Castle

We're going to traveling to old haunt of mine from my youth shortly - Dryslwyn, which is a trip down the Towy valley that we used habitually visit when I cycled very keenly as a teenager. Reason for the visit is a wedding, which will be lots of fun, but the reason for the post is I've just been doing a bit of local history and discovered a great website which tells the story behind the destruction of Dryslwyn

"The English assembled an army of over 11,000 men to suppress the revolt in a campaign that culminated in a siege of Dryslwyn castle that lasted over three weeks...."

Greg will be fascinated to see the images of the huge Trebucket balls that were unearthed at the site, and are on display in the Museum at Carmarthen...a visit will be necessary I'm sure!

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