Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ocknell Plain

Another sunny Sunday, so we packed a picnic and headed for Bolderwood. We set off from the Canadian Cross past Mogshade Hill and across Ocknell Plain to Cadman's Pool where we watched the Canada Geese, and Morhens and Mallards which all nest there. The Canada Geese were still trying to hatch their eggs, but we watched the eggs being turned by the broody goose. We then headed west along the stream at Holly Hatch inclosure down as far as theHigh Corner Inn which provided a nice pint of beer in the sunshine (Brewed less than a mile away at the Red Shoot Inn)

The return leg was a bit of a drag as Miranda was getting tired by this point, but Milkham Inclosure and Bratley Plain were lovely to walk through, with the gorse smelling beautifully.

Not far off a ten mile walk I should think - not bad for a three year old. (Nine and a half, just measured it!)

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