Saturday, April 11, 2009

Crazy for Daisy

Today after our bike ride we all went down to visit Daisy and her offspring (the name I have forgotten already) This was my favourite photo just before Daisy started nibbling away at Lewis' hair.

Our ride this morning was good fun, Lewis managing 35 miles without much of a challenge and willing me to keep up with him. Sadly it was past lunchtime and I had promised to be back so we called it a day at that.

This afternoon we went to the playground and Miranda took her Dolly. It had been raining and so when she pushed Dolly down the slide, Dolly carreered to the bottom in record time. Greg and I stood there splitting our sides and Miranda came down after her. I assumed that she would hardly move but quite the opposite, she rocketted down with the lubricant (water and mud from her shoes) and hit the plastic egg crate ground cover at some speed and hit her bottom spectacularly. Somehow her trousers had come down and the grazes on her btm must have been realy painful! She howled as we tried to stop laughing... Poor Mippy...

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