Friday, March 21, 2008

The day started early with Mippy ready to rock, before my eyes were ready to open. The weather was rather unusual in that we'd had two very heavy rain sessions and two sets of blue skies before 8AM. So as it was a day off we thought we'd have a blow at the beach. We walked from Ashlett Creek down to Calshot along the coast, dodging a very high tide and a few showers along the way.

The sea lashing onto the beach at Calshot looked fantastic, and we watched the mad surf duders fo a while. We had lunch at the bar in the Spitfire Hanger and trudged back against the wind, all rather worn out!

The book in this photo is one that I used to read to Lewis a lot, but now it's Miranda's turn!

Make sure you check out a great photo of my clan (from about 38-40 years ago) on my brother's blog today

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