Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's electrifying!

Thanks to Miranda the house was awake bright and early, so we decided we'd steal a march and go up to London and spend a day at the Science Museum. It was blissfully quiet there, which always makes it so much more fun, not to mention educationally useful!

We also had a walk around the centre of town seeing the Christmas lights, before popping into a little Italian restaurant in Covent Garden. The decorations this year were fairly good I thought, with Carnaby Street's paper chains, Regent Street's coloured baubles, and the gothic theme at the Market Place in Covent Garden standing out most I think.

Highlight of the evening though (for Lewis) was being photographed next to a Bugatti Veyron in Berkeley Square, which I may come under some pressure to load another day! Almost unbelievably as we were taking the photo another one roared past us (which at £930,000 a pop would give you some exclusivity!) and guess what the number plate was JB 2

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