Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Good Life

I've been lucky enough to have a whole ten days alone with my Dad, other than an occasional visit from my brother Christian. Mum has been visiting my sister in Germany so an interesting time has been had.

Naturally a few new photos have been found and scanned which I will share over coming weeks. It's also been interesting because I have been reading my uncle Jeremy's memoirs, which has made vivid a period in my life when these things were talked about, but not necessarily taken in fully.

This photo could well have been taken by me since it relates to the seventies rather than the sixties, by which time I was the main 'tog other than Dad. The photographic line of influence roughly begins with my great uncle Dennis who was a keen photographer. He photographed my parents wedding and many other social events which give us such an interesting record of life back then. My parents subsequently had a friend in their early twenties who was a keen observer of life with his camera; his name was Ken. Ken's life came to an abrupt end late sixties, and by then my Dad had begun taking photographs.

Enter stage left....

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