Friday, March 17, 2017

Halcyon Days

Found this photo recently, and paused long enough to think about the way life changes constantly, and why living for the moment is so important. I looked across the various frames I had taken and not a single one was just right. I used to post a picture every day of ordinary life, and since none of them had been processed, so I am to deduce none met my critical standards!!

But now looking back through rose tinted glasses, the scowl on Lewis' face as he visibly chastises Greg for his inability to get the carriage on the track, and my Dad's amusement, says it all really. Nothing would make Dad happier than playing with trains in the garden. The perfect day way to spend a day

Pictures like this are priceless, the stuff dreams are made of. And I can still taste that Boddingtons..!

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