Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Ratty the Brave

I have never set out to be a nature photographer, although I do admire those that have the patience and knowledge to perfect the art. I think it's great to be able to observe some things, and this is my best effort to tell the story.

Yesterday whilst thinking about the village of West Deane, which King Alfred bequeathed to his older son Deone, having given Amesbury to his younger son Ambresbyrig, I was given to gaze into the waters of the canal once four feet deep and fifteen feet wide at it's deepest point.

I happened to spot a grass snake scootoing along the edge of the water, and moments later a water vole heading towards it, cascading a stream of water behind it. It all happened quite quickly and there was an almighty battle, and this is my automatic image grab response; see if you can spot the Grass Snake's tail and the Water Vole in action..! Neither seemed to be victorious, and I could rest easily.

"Grass snakes adopt a 'sit and wait' hunting policy. Any prey that comes within striking distance is caught in their large jaws and then swallowed whole. Studies suggest that an adult grass snake can survive for 12 months on less than 10 frogs."

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