Sunday, April 24, 2016

A worm to catch a Tawny Owl

Digging for worms in the vain hope that the Tawny Owl will be lured into nest in the owlbox, seemed like a good idea anyhow to Miranda. The full story is; Barry, with whom we have enjoyed many hours playing and looking after his animals over the years, has a daughter who currently lives in Australia. She has installed an owlcam in and outside the new owlbox that Barry has erected in his field.

The Tawny Owl however is no fool, and is exercising his choice of alternate roosting spots! Such is Barry's daughter's control over him that he still runs out at her command, to dig worms and place them on the ceremonial alter...!

Just in case you are watching Ann Marie, Barry did do it, and here's the proof...

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