Sunday, November 15, 2015

The wind in the willows.

We had a whole weekend planned; supposedly doing the Inland Championships at Grafham Water but the weather forecast has been bleak to say the least. Eventually it was cancelled on Thursday night, as people travel from Scotland and Ireland with a boat which means a whole day's travel in advance.

The boys still thought they wanted to go sailing at LTSC anyhow on Sunday morning but I had my doubts especially as I woke, and looked out the window. We went, and racing was cancelled there too, which really pleased me having dragged myself out of bed and down the road.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and since I had my kit already in/bike on the car though we'd go for a bike ride with Popsie instead. What a great ride we had, picnic in the forest etc. Lovely leaves tumbling everywhere and we chattered all the way round. Popsie is very excited as I have promised her a camping trip in the Spring on our bikes.

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