Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sporting chance

It's been a busy week on the sporting front with plenty more in store. In fact considering it's December we may be getting a bigger than healthy slice!

Last night Lewis was doing rugby training with Fawley Rugby Club and was selected to represent New Forest Under 14s in a match against Basingstoke RFC U14, so tomorrow after school he's travelling up to that match.

Meanwhile Greg has been playing in a football Six a side tournament against Waterside teams today. He also went on a night hike with Scouts last night not getting back in til after 9pm. He normally does fencing too but that has finished for the term I think. They beat Hythe Primary and drew against Cadland Primary....!

Come the weekend and it's good old sailing again. Can't see us getting flabby any time soon, although the food bills keep rising!

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