Sunday, November 18, 2012

Winter / Summer - what is it?

A cold nip in the air for sure, but it was as flat as a mill pond on the Solent today for sailing. I had promised Lewi we would try to get out, as he's been doing alright on the Junior leaderboard.

Anyhow we got out and were joined by Greg helming a Pico and Miranda crewing for him.... the first time she has entered a race. Greg nearly managed to overtake us at one point but we beat them off with millimetres to spare!

Had to get a picture of Lewi loading the car with sailbags etc, I think I shall make this my screenshot...

Er did I mention we capsized? We hardly ever go over but today in light wind we did and it was bl@@dy freezing. I know that because Lewi told me so....

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