Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Camped out

Just got in from London, and given Miranda a cuddle before bedtime, so this seems like the right picture. I n truth it's a summer holiday picture taken in the garden in her Thomas the Tank Engine tent that she often plays in. Usually it's Greg or Lewi that's inside with her.

Because I'd been in London she brought her writing book to show me which contains lots of metropolitan highlights described and illustrated by her in class or at home. She's been telling me that she wants to go to London for her birthday, and she never misses an opportunity to bring the subject up. At bedtime she asked me had I been to visit the Queen, and I naturally went along with it. Short silence whilst she thinks about it. "You don't really go to see the Queen do you Daddy?"

Yesterday she lost another tooth which seemed to make her very happy. Time flies by, she'll be wearing braces next.

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