Thursday, September 16, 2010

Boys and their toys

Flashback to the recent visit by Gran and Grandan, when Lewis managed to get some assistance with planning a scratch build model Scania truck. Plans were drawn up, materials lists prepared and all the potential difficulties analysed. The cardboard was cut out and the first assembly was made before Grandan left, but I'm uploading a little update so that progress can be assessed.

It's quite tricky getting a photo inside the cab, but hopefully you can see the dashboard and associated clutter evolving (I love the Road Atlas, pack of 200 Marlboros and Daily Mirror), the driver's seats, bed and bedding, of the windows is even glazed and has a few stickers on it. Even the drivers flag above the bed!!

Zoom in to have a closer look...

Lewis has just got home from Sea Scouts and tells me that he's been rowing a boat and sailing a Topper on his own. So that's another first!

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